2xx Subscriber Discount

Since the early days, a consistent source of 2XX support and community has been our Subscribers, who pay a small annual fee and join our Subscription base.

2XX has thousands of loyal Subscribers, and many have been with the Station for decades. One of the incentives has always been the discounts and offers available from supporting local businesses.

2XX regularly mentions Subscriber Discounts on air, in Communique (e-newsletter) and social media. New or renewing Subscribers get a list of Subscriber Discounts with their membership card.

How it works

- Sign up to offer 2XX Subscribers a discount or exclusive offer. A discount can be 10% off or more.

- We add your logo and discount offer to 2XX Subscriber Discounts and communication with Subscribers.

- We send you a '2XX Subscriber Discounter' sign to display in your window.        

- You may also offer giveaways to support the annual 2XX Subscription Drive.

What can I offer?

-  A discount like 15% off the price of services, membership, coffee, food or event tickets.

-  if your business offers a service, an amount like: $50 off the first visit.’

- Some venues offer concession-price tickets at a certain time: ‘Industry concession price tickets for 2XXSubscribers, before 5pm weekdays’.

Be highly visible.

Each year we run a Radiothon, encouraging our listeners to Subscribe or renew their Subscription.

The Radiothon includes many on-air and online mentions of the benefits of 2XX Subscription – including Subscriber Discounts. We encourage you to also offer a giveaway as part of the Radiothon.

Sign up!!

Send us an email: sponsorship@2xxfm.org.au, an enquiry via the contact form, or call us on 02 6230 0100.