2XXfm is a not-for-profit radio station that exists to give a voice to the Canberra community. Founded in 1976, 2XXfm produces between 14 and 20 hours of local programming every day. That’s up to 140 hours a week of content originating at our station, produced and presented by our volunteers. You can expect to hear everything from genre-specific music shows, talk-based programs, and many different community languages.

2XXfm serves a diverse range of interest groups in the ACT by providing a range of vital information and entertainment programs that are not featured on public and commercial broadcasters. Many thousands of Canberrans listen to community radio every week, and while 2XXfm can't claim all of them, we do know our listeners just like our presenters hail from almost every age group, ethnic background and interest group imaginable. So tune your dial to 98.3 FM and lend us your ear!